TAC Prize 2017

PDF Certificates:
All certificates will be put on the TAC contest web site (TAC Results) as PDF files for downloading and printing.
    (The certificates will reflect the participants place WW, in his continent and in his DXCC country).
    Exceptions are those who send CHECKLOG's (CL).
    (Prizes will be shipped to the mail address mentioned in the Cabrillo log. PDF certificates will be sent by email.)
    (Please indicate in the Cabrillo log your complete MAIL and EMAIL address.)

Paper certificates:
Top 3 finishers in the 10 categories in the competition and participants who request a paper certificate via email.

Medals or mini plaque will be awarded to:
  - Top three/category (if they have not fullfilled the conditions for the plaque)
if in the respective category competitors participated
    from at least 5 DXCC entities.

    Middle Plaques
will be awarded to:
  - the competitor who has the highest score in any of the categories SOAB-HP, SOAB-LP or SOAB-QRP.
  - the competitors ranked in each of the categories above, if there are at least 100 competitors ranked at the
    categories SOAB-HP or SOAB-LP, if there are at least 50 competitors ranked in any of the categories SOSB,
    if there are at least 25 competitors ranked in SOAB-QRP category and 15 competitors ranked at the MOAB category,
  - the first competitor ranked at the SOAB-M category regardless of the number of contesters ranked
provided that this score
    to be higher than the best score obtained in SOAB categories.

  - the  first three competitors ranked in any category if there are at least 150 competitors ranked in the category.

A competitor may be awarded if he fulfills one of the conditions listed above).       

    Trophy. (Trophy or middle plaque)
Is granted every year to the station which has the highest score cumulated over in the last 5 years consecutive.

      Grand Trophy. (Trophy or large plaque)
  Is granted every year to the station which has the highest score cumulated over in the last 10 years consecutive.

     Conditions for Trophy and Grand Trophy:
     It only counts for at least 50,000 points annually and the competitor  participated in the latest  edition of our  contest. If a competitor
      participate in two categories
, then is taken into account the log with the highest score and if both logs are SOSB categories,
      score totals are provided to exceed 50,000 points. 
In order that  this prize can be won by as many competitors, after winning this
      award the contester loses all points and will continue in subsequent edition from zero points. If these conditions are met,
      a Trophy and Grand Trophy is awarded to participants nonmembers categories (SO and MO) and another one category SOAB-M
      participants, the members of PRO-CW-CLUB or TOPS

  Loyalty award
Is granted starting with the 2017 edition for participation in 12 consecutive editions.
Contestants must rank in the top 75% category in at least 11 editions .In one edition they can fall under this level.
    Special prize
    First entrant in any categories can become a member of PRO-CW-CLUB (if the competitors wish), sponsored by YO6EX.
    Starting with the next year, the new members can participate only in the category SOAB-M.